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In many ways, there is no way to replace a live on-site security officer even though security technology is improving. Tasks like delivery acceptance, guest relations and late night walk-throughs are a few examples of how technology cannot replace a human on-site security officer. But what is the real goal of an on-site security guard and how to go about choosing the right company? In this post we’ll outline the key roles of on-site security and how they can safeguard your business.

The Role of On-site Security

At a very basic level the role of an on site security guard is to record and report. Unless the guard has special training and experience, on-site security is simply a way to know what is happening within your business at all hours of the day. In other words, untrained and inexperienced onsite security guards aren’t there to put themselves in danger by preventing crime. They won’t confront someone with a weapon. They won’t chase down a robber. They might not even go investigate an open door or a disturbance.

The reality is, you cannot expect a minimally trained, low-wage worker to do more than simply report any problems. Security personnel companies churn through thousands of workers ever year. These men and women, while valuable for some security services, do not have the extensive training to know how to handle a complex criminal act. If asked to intervene, an untrained onsite security guard could escalate a crime towards violence or disrupt important crime scene evidence.

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Importance of Training of On Site Security Staff

With this information, it is vital to engage a company that train their onsite security staff how to handle the complex situations that arise when security is breached. To understand how to direct and coordinate employees, onsite security, and emergency responders (including gardai, fire, and ambulance service). To understand the inherent problems that arise out of criminal activity and know how to ensure everyone’s safety.

Again, the basic role of on-site security staff or manned guarding is to simply record and report. But that’s not enough. To protect your business assets and your employees, you need to have a professional onsite security service to skilfully direct any activities during any complex problems.

What To Look For In Onsite Security Guarding Company?

Finding the best onsite security guarding company and getting services near your area can be very challenging in itself. Security of businesses, factories, university campuses, and other assets is a hot topic all over the country. We now know that the best solution for security problems is to contract and to hire onsite security personnel for the safety and security of your premises. The following qualities of any security company characterise it and must be considered to be part of any sound arrangement.

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Qualification and Experience
In Ireland the minimum requirement is to hold a FETAC security certification along with a PSA security licence. But why stop there? The reality is, both the qualification and experience of onsite security guards are two primary factors that must be considered when hiring them. The qualification must be according to the job they are going to perform. Irrelevant and minimum qualifications may not serve the purpose. Of course, it is vital the qualification of the onsite security guards is related to the task they are supposed to undertake. Besides the qualification and the education of the guards, they must have the relevant experience in delivering onsite security. The ideal guards are those who have the basic training alongside the necessary site specific training and onsite security experience. The right security company will provide the most qualified and the most experienced onsite security personnel to their clients.

Onsite Security Training
The best onsite security personnel are the ones who have taken specific training for the task on hand. They know the intricacies, subtleties and the other technicalities of the requirements of their job. Only properly trained onsite security have the potential to tackle the security challenges presented. Poorly trained onsite security personnel may mishandle any security scenario which could result in great loss to the company both in terms of finances, reputation and human lives in the worst cases scenarios that have been observed. However, the right security company will ensure to have and provide appropriately trained onsite security guards to insure a custom solution to their clients.

Retention of Employees
This is a different kind of requirement and it is not directly related to the capabilities of the onsite security guards. The best way of checking the level and standards of any reliable company is to check if their employees are properly retained. Retention is only possible if the employees are paid properly and on time. Apart from that, retained employees are also satisfied with the company’s rules and regulations. These factors have a direct bearing on the performance of the onsite security personnel.

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Trusted Onsite Security Services

These principles are at the centre of Pulse Security Managements ongoing success and have led to Pulse Security Management being one of the leading and most trusted private security companies in Ireland today. For more information about our onsite security services give us a call now on +353-1-4090202 or contact us online for more info.

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