Strategies to implement security risk management and maintain a positive risk culture.

PULSE Security Management promote entities to foster a culture where risk management is an important and valued aspect of decision-making, where risk management processes are understood and applied appropriately; and where personnel can be confident in managing and taking risks, within defined parameters, in order to achieve objectives.

Success of Security Risk Management

The success of security risk management depends on the effectiveness of security planning and how well arrangements are supported by the entity’s senior leadership and integrated into business processes. This includes meeting core requirements or adopting mitigations that are equivalent to or exceed those requirements.

What is a Security Risk?

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A security risk is something that could result in the compromise, loss, unavailability or damage to information or assets, or cause harm to people.
Security risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives and is often measured in terms of its likelihood and consequences. The causes are generally people, systems, processes, procedures, crime, attacks or natural events. An:
  • effect is a deviation from the expected and may be positive or negative
  • objective has different aspects such as financial, health and safety and environmental goals, and can apply at multiple levels such as strategic, organisation-wide, project, product and process levels.
Entities are encouraged to consider where security risks intersect with other risks including fraud, privacy and business continuity. Entities are encouraged to treat risk holistically across its operations. For example, there may be opportunities to treat multiple risks with one mitigation control.

We Provide Effective Security Risk Management Solutions

Identifying possible risks and opportunities in advance, lessening the potential of adverse outcomes and increasing the likelihood of desirable outcomes.

Having processes in place to monitor risks and provide access to reliable, up-to-date information about risks.

Providing guidance around appropriate limits through well understood risk appetite and risk tolerance statements.

Providing transparency over the decision-making process and the achievement of entity objectives.

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Risk management should be at the forefront of every business ensuring the protection of information, people and assets.

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