Our guards work hard to make sure that event guests feel safe and event managers have peace of mind.

Corporate event managers understand the complexities of large-scale corporate events. Despite all of the moving parts involved, there is one element that trumps them all: the safety and security of your guests.

Professional corporate security personnel can help ensure that your event runs as you envisioned, without disruptions from any unplanned security threats. The services that our guards provide can help you put on a successful event, allowing you to achieve your organisation’s business objectives.

Security Efforts For A Wide Variety Of Events:

  • Shareholder meetings 
  • Board meetings 
  • Product launches 
  • Service announcements 
  • Employee appreciation events 
  • Negotiations 
  • Trade shows 
  • Conventions 
  • Corporate retreats 
  • VIP events 

Corporate Security Services Ireland

Corporate Security Guards for Shareholders and Boardmembers - Pulse Security Ireland

Shareholders & Board Members

Shareholder and board meetings for large companies pose unique security risks. High-level executives and high-profile investors attend these events, increasing the chance of an unwelcome security threat from a disgruntled employee, customer, vendor or other individuals. Often, significant decisions are made at these meetings that could have serious impacts on the lives of stakeholders. When those individuals are impacted negatively, they may decide to take negative action against the company VIPs.

Our security guards have specialized training in the handling of these kinds of security concerns. They know how to identify suspicious and high-risk behaviour and neutralize that behaviour with a number of de-escalation tactics. The goal: to prevent any further disruption of the meeting and maintain the safety of the guests.

Corporate Security Guards Product Show - Pulse Security Ireland

Product or Service Launches

New product launches and service announcements can be very exciting events for a company. When you want to communicate these developments to your stakeholders, while maintaining privacy until you are ready to launch publicly, you may require the services of a skilled security team.

Our security personnel can make sure that the right people are in the room, and the wrong people stay out. They can enforce rules and regulations, including those that prohibit the use of mobile phones and other recording devices. We work hard to protect the integrity and reputation of your brand.

Corporate Security Guards Tradeshow Convention- Pulse Security Ireland

Trade Shows & Conventions

Trade shows and conventions attract large crowds of people and there are many logistical challenges that can create serious security risks.

Pulse Security Managements’ guards have extensive experience in securing property and people at trade shows. They are adept at managing the flow of traffic to make sure that people travel through in a safe and orderly fashion, while also preventing individuals from moving into restricted areas. Our goal is to ensure that all of your show exhibitors and guests have a positive overall experience. 

Trust Your Corporate Event Security to PULSE Security Management

Corporate Security Guards - Pulse Security Ireland
Corporate Security Guards are a vital contributor to your event at all stages of the process. Security Guards can assist event managers in a number of ways before, during and after an event. Although their responsibilities may vary depending on your needs, our security personnel is ready to assist at all times and act to mitigate a threat when required.

We prepare our teams by providing them with the most comprehensive training available to expertly serve our clients.

PULSE Security Management has been providing security guards to corporate clients for over 30 years. Our managements’ guards integrate themselves into your overall security program so they can seamlessly address issues with discretion, poise and competence. Your guests should never have to worry about their safety. When you need the best protection available, choose to partner with the leading corporate event security company in Ireland.

Corporate Event Security Core Responsibilities

Inspecting the venue and meeting locations

Coordinating with event staff to address security risks

Managing access to restricted areas

Controlling access at entrances and exits 

Monitoring the perimeter of the venue 

Crowd control

Coordinating with event staff to address security risks

Managing disruptions that could impact the flow of events

Communicating with law enforcement 

Information security for products or trade secrets 

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Corporate Security Guard Services From Pulse Security Management

Pulse Security Management is the leading provider of corporate security guards in Ireland.

We only hire trained and licensed guards, so we can guarantee that our clients will receive the most competent, professional and respectful service available. And with the calibre of specialised training that we provide to our guards, you can rest easy knowing that your next corporate event will include the best security personnel in the country. 

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